[W]window system

W is a simple, socket based, two-color window system by Torsten Scherer (and has no relation to that better known X's predecessor with a same name). W 1 release 4 beta main features are:

To compile and use W you'll need a small unix like setup with networking and at least 4MB of ram and free disk space.

Other information:

The standard W1R3 sources are available through TeSche's WWW page.

Kay's got now a page for his W Toolkit. It will help a lot in making more complex applications.

W is fairly portably but the screen is expected to be accessed as any other part of memory (eg. mmap()'ing the framebuffer device) and linearily. Planar bitplane graphics drivers use ATM big-endian byte order.

As W server interface and sources are under a lot of modifications, there's not much point in obtaining the developement sources unless you'll want to be a W developer too. To this date everything has needed a recompilation or linking after a new release.

Eero Tamminen, puujalka@modeemi.cs.tut.fi