About my reading habits

Mostly I like science fiction, but I also read a bit of fantasy, mainstream and pulp. I'm especially fond of books with a slight sociological bend. Contrary to most of my friends I like also short stories and poems. IMHO a `serious' (sci-fi) book that doesn't give a new angle into some old, common or uncommon subject, isn't worth much. Besides ideas and strong chracterisation, good book should also have humor, suspence etc. ingredients that make you'll not to look at the clock until the book is read or it's 5am...

Science fiction and Fantasy page

Favorite authors and books

Here are some of the authors I have liked and, in case I remember it the book which made me the strongest impression (depends a bit on which age I read it :-)) after first read, by them:


And here are some good books that I have read during the last couple of years which aren't by the writers on my favorite lists above. :-)

About comics / sequential art

In case someone hasn't yet noticed that comics is an art form too, here's a short list of my favorite european comics authors:

Food for thought

Have you noticed how the comics' main characters are usually much more stylized than their surroundings? It's done (not always on purpose) to ease reader in identifying with the main character(s). Their generality of appearance makes them more symbolic. Because our self image is much less accurately defined (especially if one doesn't own a mirror ;-) than we perceive others, we'll identify the symbolic subjectively and realistic objectively. Reading `real' comics needs practising more than reading books. Comics utilize both the textual and visual to convey their `message' for the reader.

Note that series apprearing weekly or monthly (disney comics etc.) are mostly considered qualitatively equal to Harlequin romances... The best example of this commercialization are probably those mutant ninja turles that most of us heard from kids in late 80's. The original comics were a quite funny parody of sci-fi, B-movies etc. Then creators sold the name and idea to mass producers and the results were something I wouldn't touch even with gloves. Goodbye humor, artwork and any spark of originality. Even the girl character was converted to a bimbo to garantee that american `comics code' for children was satisfied. God forbid us from giving children ideas!

Picture sequences are an art form far older than text. Although it may appear primitive, at best it's far away from simple or childish.