Note: Some of the older links may not be valid. Most likely the source code is still somewhere, you just have to look around a bit...

What's new?

18th October, 1997
I have updated my W2Xlib library (Wlib emulation on top of Xlib) heavily, so that it's now fairly usable. You can even run W toolkit programs on X!
11th October, 1997
I run my WWW pages through ispell, so my pages should now be a bit more readable ;-). I also re-ported W window system for SVGAlib and am putting a new distribution together as TeSche abandoned W (he has this year too much work to do) at least for a while. I got just one problem... SVGAlib doesn't support my Matrox Millenium graphics card and 320x200 I can get with it now, is not usable except for testing a little. :-(
28th September, 1997
I ported ME, the Mutt language and text Editor, to linux. It's a bit oldish but fairly nice.
11th September, 1997
My previous hd was faulty but the new one has been working OK for a couple of weeks, so I got Linux running again. First thing I did was to change / enhance my POV scenes for POV v3. I got now also exemplary images produced from those scenes...
24th August, 1997
A new version of PUNSSi, my b&w two player arcade game for Atari. Keyboard can now be used along with joystick(s), so that people with only one or no joystick can test the game too.
6th August, 1997
Fixed and updated a couple of pages.
5th August, 1997
During previous week I've have had lots of troubles with (I think) my hard disk. Computer can freeze randomly in middle of anything that does some disk activity (during e2fsck when booting Linux, typing 'dir' at DOS prompt).
16th July, 1997
Bought myself finally a new computer. POV ray tracings which took earlier half a day, take now only a couple of minutes. Started installing x86-Linux and configuring software.
28th June, 1997
My sister got married!
June, 1997
I have worked on Wlib graphics format conversion functions but they are not on my page yet. I'm waiting Tesche to mail me latest W sources first so that I can add my changes to it... Then there will be an updated version of the FLI player too. It's window can now be resized on-the-fly.
29th April, 1997
Improved popup and menu widgets and Wstart. Package has now also a simple icon editor. It and WStart both need my additions to the W library. Namely PBM read and write functions.
26th April, 1997
An updated version of Wedit and edittext widget. Updated versions of getstring, filesel, listbox, range, dial and select widgets.
26th April, 1997
New popup and menu widgets for Wt and a Wstart program using them. Wstart is a program launch bar which reads directory / program names, icons and options from selected directory and then presents them to the user for opening / execution.
30th March, 1997
I have updated half of my pages, mostly MiNT, Python, sci-fi, graphics and W client ones. There's also beginnings of a new controversial IMHO page.
28th March, 1997
New range & dial (select a value between given min and max values) and select (select a string from drop down listbox) W toolkit widgets. Widget names are similar to the html form input tag type identifiers... :-)
15th March, 1997
A couple of new POV 3D descriptions: Wedding rings, heart and a Halloween pumpkin.
15th March, 1997
A new Python application (server+client) for chatting over the Net. Updated version of my Python W library.
8th March, 1997
My simple text editor for W window system is now working pretty good.
15th February, 1997
Converted a NetHack `graphics' font into a W font. Font packet includes NetHack bindings.
6th January, 1997
A first usable version of my text editor widget for W toolkit.
11th December, 1996
My X11 / TOS (means it doesn't need GEM or VDI) IMG viewer supports now all standard (interleaved) Atari resolutions.
10th December, 1996
Kay released a new 0.9-beta W toolkit version, which supports the new window resizing. There are also some bug patches.
7th December, 1996
TeSche has released a new Revision-4-beta version of W window system. It includes resizable windows, some fixes and my bezier, ellipse and pattern graphics mode patches. I have made a new patch for text effects and a command line editor for the new font format.
10th October, 1996
Added some MiNT links and put out new patches (adds beziers, ellipses, some new text styles and graphics modes to pattern functions in packed/ driver) for W1R4-alpha.
26th September, 1996
Fixed numerous bugs, corrected game play and added shields, more weapons and README to WarZone.
25th September, 1996
GameFrame networking has now been tested between DEC OSF/1 / 64-bit Alpha and HP-UX. Server.c, comms.c, w_game.c, Reversi server and Chess client have been improved.
23th September, 1996
I have started a monochrome 'Scorched Earth' wannabe for W and W toolkit called Warzone.
18th September, 1996
I have started to implement Wlib on top of Xlib. I can't test it as I don't have X on my own machine. Most of the Wlib calls have been converted to corresponding X ones though so... Anybody interested on debugging W2Xlib?
13th September (my birthday...), 1996
Some patches (including graphics modes to the pattern functions) and more info about the W Window System.
31th August, 1996
A Reversi / Othello game and server and a bug fixed version of the GameFrame server module.
20th August, 1996
There's now available an updated and slightly bug fixed version of my WPlayer (sample editor / player).
7th August, 1996
I finally filled up my food and language pages.
6th August, 1996
A hugely revised version of GameFrame, my simple, networked, turn based, two player game framework. It's now more robust, has more features, a curses version and even some documentation. New examples and an improved version of chess board for W, Go board and server version of AmiGo (scoring needs a bit of work).
1th August, 1996
TeSche has released a new Revision-4-alpha (all of the new stuff isn't fully functioning yet) version of W server+lib and Kay has released a new version of the W toolkit (including VT52 emulation widget).
20th May, 1996
I changed the two player game framework messages to do a round trip to ensure that both ends of the socket are fully synced. Board editing / continue added.
17th May, 1996
Yesterday I coded a chat program for W. You can use it e.g. to discuss about the board game you're playing at the same time :).
13th May, 1996
During the weekend I experimented with sockets (fun :)), although my own machine isn't (yet) connected. Results are a framework for networked, turn based, two player games with Gobang as an example and a silly little 'ring' program + daemon which can be used to send short a message over the network (message shown in W window if W server is available).
8th May, 1996
I have fixed and updated the W FLI/FLC player greatly. It convert the palette entries now correctly, is almost twice as fast (if using ordered dithering instead of FS-dither) and has command line options for halving or doubling the animation size.
29th April, 1996
The W sample player can now manage multiple samples (cut/copy/paste between them, undo buffer for each sample) and do looping. The source is divided so that I can more easily add new modules (e.g. selection fine tuning for looping, special effects, filters, sample synthesis).
26th April, 1996
Yesterday I came across a PC Linux / SVGAlib FLI / FLC Player, so naturally I ported it for W and added big endian and monochrome (=FS dithering) support.
22th April, 1996
During the weekend I rewrote my W sample player to use W toolkit instead of Wlib and added all kinds of nice options into it (cut, copy & paste + a couple of effects) so it's now more of a sample editor than player.
15th April, 1996
I have completely revamped my Python L-system parser. Now it can output the grammar as a POV raytracer scene file. It's a nice way to do 3D line graphics :). I have also made fileselector and listbox widgets for Kay's W toolkit.
25th March, 1996
Kay has released a new version of his W Toolkit with improved HTML widget and new dialog and text widgets. I made popup and scrollbox widgets and started a fileselector one. I also got a partly made W toolkit based drawing program imaginatively named as WDraw.
20th March, 1996
Started a fixed point (=fast) math library with sqrt(), sin() and cos() functions.
22nd Feb, 1996
Kay has released a new version of his W Toolkit for which I have made a string input and iconedit widgets. I also made a new game for W named Daleks.
17th Feb, 1996
Got W-Jewel (columns game clone) ready.
Fixed select() bug in X sources of Wyrms and improved the editor slightly. Added new GEM/TOS binaries.
16th Feb, 1996
W1R3 and W toolkit #3 released.
Remade my literary page...
15th Feb, 1996
New version of my two-player Wyrms game for TOS, GEM, W, X and curses. This one has slightly better editor and new much bigger graphics selectable at compile time...