History of my encounters with different languages...

Natural languages

It is interesting how the language and the vocabulary that it offers, and the part of that which we actively use, affects how we as individuals and society perceive and react to things...

Music is also a language, although it's normally more emotionally based. The tempo, intensity and intonation changes and the melody (rhyming and length of the words we choose) of our speech have a huge difference on how listeners react to our speech. Reaction to no variation is mostly a gentle snore <g>.

Computer `languages'

All of the `languages' mentioned below, except Labview, are free or have free versions.

Flow control languages

Imperative / procedural languages

I'll list these in the order that I have met them.

Object oriented languages

I'm interested about programming interfaces and patterns. Rest of the OOPla; data encapsulation, inheritance etc. is `just' implementational details...

Functional languages

Aside remark: Have you seen houses done in the functional style of architecture? I'd call a house without good eaves a non-functional one or at least incomplete.

Page / scene description `languages'

Output is what counts...

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