NOTE (2009): links below are broken, but the latest source package for the W Window system on the main site contains all the clients.

Two player games

For some time I have been making simple games. Multi-player games are my favorites as usually computer opponents are dumb and always too neutral (they'll never lose temper with you ;-)). Links below contain the C sources for the mentioned games.

* Networked games

All of these need my 'networked, turn based, two player game framework' that takes care of all the networking and most of the interface issues. It offers to various game engines a 'canvas' where to draw the game (board, pieces etc.) and then makes callbacks to the engine through a struct setup at the game startup.

At the moment there are only W window system and curses specific interfaces to the framework and games, but in the game engines the GUI dependent parts are well separated from the game logic itself, so 'porting' one after the framework has been ported, should be reasonably easy.

Networking is implemented using BSD socket streams. All actions make a round trip through the opponents end to ensure game engine synchronization. As I have visualized people using this thing on personal computers, ATM all the games use the same port for connecting.

A (W) chat utility should be a useful for discussing about the game while playing. :-)

* Games for the W window system

All of these need a relatively new W server and library. Some of these need also Kay Römer's W Toolkit library.

Some of my one player games come with the W window system sources.

* Portable games

Did you know that making even a simple program, like the one below, work on multiple GUIs and OSes is a lot of work?

Especially if one doesn't plan for that when starting (Wyrms started as a plain TOS game, happily it's quite simple)...

* Arcade games

These work with two joysticks on Atari ST-high resolution. They don't need GEM (work under plain TOS/MiNT).

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