Some current favorite dishes

August food recipe:

Clean and cut up the mushrooms and onion. Cut the bacon slices into pieces onto the frying-pan with scissors. Fry until bacon is crispy or at least until fat has melted. Move bacon aside onto a plate and add mushrooms and onion onto the fat left on the pan from the bacon. Cut up the tomato and add it onto the pan. Fry until mushrooms have withdrawn a bit and onion is transparent. Add flour and spice with salt and white pepper. Add cream and bacon. Mix and let the cream withdraw a bit before checking the taste. Add more spices if necessary. Add milk, mix and let withdraw. When the dish seem ready, sprinkle with chopped chive and serve with boiled new potatoes.

Here are a couple of additions to milk gravy:

This combination could be served for example with pasta:

...And this with boiled corn: Use only little of Bailey's and mold cheese because their tastes will otherwise be too overbearing. Leek and Bailey's are both sweet, so strong cheese rounds off the taste of the gravy nicely.

Hmm... I wonder whether I should next check out the Russian culinary culture? After all, our traditional foods have been strongly influenced by our eastern neighbor. It's a real shame how the American fast food trash has invaded here. Cajun food etc. would have been much more interesting alternative (humming: `I'd like to eat an alligator...' :-).

Eero Tamminen 1997