W history

Torsten Scherer (TeSche) starts W in 1994 because X is too heavy under MiNT... The goals were: W should be lightweight and easy to program graphics window system, use client-server model and be able to run WTerm, Wload, WClock and various OS independed games. Torsten achieved these goals admirably, I'd say! :-)

New W 1 features (Dec -94)

New W 1 Release 2 features (Dec -95)

New W 1 Release 3 features (Feb -96)

New W1R4-beta features (non-released Nov -96)

There's also 'some' stuff still on the TODO list...

For more complete description of the changes between different versions, see the CHANGES file with the W sources.

Authors' W development systems:

Besides these there are of course machines at the university (and work?) and at friends.

Torsten Scherer

Kay Römer

Eero Tamminen

Yes, I have intended for a couple of last years to change it...

Eero Tamminen, puujalka@modeemi.cs.tut.fi