NOTE (2009): links below are broken, but the latest source package for the W Window system on the main site contains all the clients. Where's the W NetHack?

Available W clients

With the latest (official) W sources you'll get the Wserver, lots of fonts and the following programs:

Kay Römer's W Toolkit (hence referred as Wt) contains widgets with which more complex programs can be done. Like my sample editor on list below or Kay's WetScape HTML 1.0 browser (image) and Wvt, a W terminal with history and cut/paste.

My (mostly) completed W stuff:

Incomplete projects:

I cannot guarantee that my programs work on any given W window system. Although I have compiled and tested them on Atari MiNT, they should work with normal GCC / Linux-alike setups. The W/Wt version which they need might differ more though; My own version, latest W mailing-list version or the previous release, depending on when I have last touched the program code (check out the dates). Older programs should generally work with newer W/Wt versions.

Other programs of interest with W and non-GEM MiNT usage in general are Jürgen Lock's virtual consoles and Johan Klockars' MGIF.